Individual Admission (21+)

3 days admission per person (camping pass is per vehicle) Includes admission/spectating all days to HooptieX, all access to Gamblertown, Bands, food, minibike, RC racing for one and camp with vehicle overnight camp pass below.


Vehicle Overnight Camp (21+)

Each person still needs Individual Admission, this is for a single vehicle all days, no trailer (see below) outside food and drink OK no hookups come one or both Fri&Sat night


Vehicle with trailer or RV Camp (21+)

This is for vehicles with trailers or RVs in lieu of "Vehicle Overnight Camp" you only need one or the other. Dedicated trash trailers don't count. If you use your car trailer to haul in one of the abandoned cars we will issue full refund just snap a pic where you got it and where you left it in camp,drop-off and notify one of the attendents (we do not take gambler cars).


Under 21 (Restricted from Camping overnight)

All days. Can access HooptieX, bands, RC racing etc. No access to overnight camp OLCC rule. re-entry OK under 15 free


Donations for Sons of Smokey

100% of these proceeds go to cleanup efforts

Total: $0.00

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